Overhead utility wires in New Monterey.
To see the visual blight disappear,
Click or tap each image

Hawthorn/Irving looking East

Prescott/Alice looking North

Prescott/Lily looking North

700 block Lily looking East

700 block Lily looking North

And some other things to consider ...


David/Lyndon sidewalk blocked
(One of at least nine such poles on David alone.)
How does a wheelchair or stroller get past this?
Our guess: Out into the traffic.


David/Lyndon cable junk
Nice workmanship Comcast/AT&T!
Like a rusty junker parked permanently in front of your house.

Our guess: Your cable provider is just too busy to care.


Prescott/Lyndon wires vs trees
(How is this area NOT in a HIGH FIRE HAZARD zone?)
Just add wind ... then sparks!.
Our guess: Wildfire waiting to happen.

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